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Are you interested in knowing the truth about the history of the Bible, and how to defend the Word of God or learning Greek or Hebrew? Are you interested in finding out about World Religions and how they got started. If so our World Religions class would be for you.
What about studying the Bible on computer, learning the book of Romans,  or the Pastoral epistles or  Old and New Testament overviews?
 If the answers to those questions or several others interest you check out our catalog of courses for this spring semester by calling, emailing, or writing to Volinia Baptist College of the Bible.  English grammar is being taught using the Word of God for examples.
The phone number is 269-646-8050. The email address is
The mailing address is Volinia Baptist College of the Bible , 19526 Marcellus Highway, Decatur, MI 49045.

The objective of the Volinia Baptist College of the Bible is to give men and women a Bible based, Christ centered education for effective Christian living and service.
The purpose of the Volinia Baptist College of the Bible is to prepare individuals as ministers of the gospel, missionaries, Sunday school administration, Sunday school teachers, lay shepherding, ambassadors for Jesus Christ, and Christian workers; and to cooperate with the local Bible believing Christian churches in promoting the “Gospel of Jesus Christ” through His words.
The goal of the Volinia Baptist College of the Bible is to equip individuals to exegete the Bible accurately so that they can expound its truth to men, women and children.
The courses being offered Fall 2016 are as follows:  SIGN UP BY AUGUST 17 AND WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO OFFER THE CLASSES YOU DESIRE.
  • BI-101 & 102 Doctrines I Soteriology - Doctrine of Salvation- covers Armenianism, Calvinism, etc.
  • BL-101 & 102 Elements of Biblical Greek
  • BI-101 & 102 New Testament Survey
  • BI-104 Pastoral Epistles
  • BI-120 Romans
  • BI-125 Proverbs/Ecclesiates/Song of Sol
  • BI-129 Acts
  • SP-135 Speech
  • PS-101 & 102 Elements of Biblical Greek
  • BF-137 Biblical Finances
  • EV-147 Evangelism
  • EN-101 & 102 English Grammer
  • BI-201 & 202 Old Testament Survey
  • BD-201 & 202 Doctrines II
  • BL-201 Greek Syntax
  • EN-211 & 212 English Writing/Composition
  • BI-211 & 212 Study of the Gospels
  • HI-212 History of the Church
  • BI-224 Old Testament Poetry
  • BD-301 & 302 Doctrines # 3 -Pneumatology
Dr. Thomas Stout  Senior Pastor of Volinia Baptist Church
Pastor Frank Owen  Minister of Education of Volinia Baptist Church
Pastor Michael Shinabery Family Pastor of Volinia Baptist Church. He is working on his doctorate.
Pastor Ken Gill Senior Pastor of Fair Haven Baptist Church
Mrs. Marilyn Stout Author of five books and wife of the Senior Pastor of Volinia Baptist Church
Applications and college catalogs for Volinia Baptist College of the Bible are available by coming to the church office or requesting one by phone or email. PHONE: 269-646-8050. EMAIL:



We Believe:
  1. In the verbal inspiration and plenary authority of both Old and New Testaments to be used for all matters of faith and practice. We believe in the preservation of God’s Word.
  2. In one God, eternally existing in Three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  3. That man was created in the image of God and through disobedience sinned and fell, and that the entire human race shared in man’s sin and is lost and depraved by nature.
  4. In the personality of Satan and that he is a fallen creature who, by the permission of God, holds a position of great influence and power in human affairs.
  5. In the Virgin birth of Jesus Christ and that He is the God man, Deity in the flesh.
  6. In the vicarious sacrificial and substitutionary death of Jesus Christ; that Christ  shed his blood, and died for sins and as a ransom for all.
  7. In the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, His ascension into Heaven, His exaltation as Lord and Christ, His headship of the Church, His priestly intercession and advocacy, and His personal premillennial Second Coming.
  8. That salvation is the gift of God brought to man by grace, and received by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and that this faith is manifested in works pleasing to God.
  9. In the personality of the Holy Spirit and that He generates, indwells, energizes and empowers for godly living and for spiritual service; that the believer is indwelled by the Holy Spirit from the moment of faith in Christ, and also privileged and commended to be filled with the Spirit.
  10. In the Local Church and Baptist distinctives; Bible is the only rule of faith and practice, autonomy of the Local Church, Priesthood of the Believers, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper only two ordinances, regenerated, baptized Church membership.
  11. That all believers are called into a life of separation from all worldly and sinful practices.
  12. That it is God’s plan that the world is to be evangelized by the Church through the preaching of the Gospel of Christ, and that this is the obligation of all who believe in Jesus Christ.
  13. In the eternal damnation and punishment of all unsaved in hell, being eventually cast into the Lake of Fire.
 All members of the Board, Faculty and Staff subscribe to this doctrinal statement.

BI 101   New Testament Survey  I (2) A study of the content and instruction of the four Gospels as they relate to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and Acts. Meets 2 hours a week.  Fall sem.
BI 102  New Testament Survey  II (2) A study of the content and teachings of Romans through Revelation with emphasis on key verses and themes. Meets 2 hours a week. Spring sem.
BI 104 Pastoral Epistles- I & II Timothy, Titus (2)  A study of the books to the young preachers Timothy and Titus and the important areas they needed to consider and practice. Meets 2 hours a week.
BI 120 Romans (2) A study of doctrine and practical truth gleaned from the book of Romans. Meets 2 hours a week. 
BI 125 Proverbs/ Ecclesiastes/ Song of Solomon (2) A study of Biblical principles from Proverbs/ Ecclesiastes/ Song of Solomon. Meets 2 hours a week.
BI 129  Acts (2) A study of church growth, missionary outreach, and persecution from the book of Acts. Meets 2 hours a week. 
BI 201  Old Testament Survey I (2) A study of the Pentateuch, including the major characters and events. Special attention is given to the Patriarchs, the events of the Exodus, and the Tabernacle. Meets 2 hours a week. Fall sem.
BI 202 Old Testament Survey II (2) A chronological study of Israel’s history from Joshua to the closing of the Old Testament. Emphasis is given to major characters, themes of books, and passages of particular doctrinal significance. Meets 2 hours a week. Spring sem.
BI 207 Minor Prophets (2) A study of the pre-exilic minor prophets, writings of the Old Testament. Emphasis is placed on authorship, historical settings and major theses of each book. Meets 2 hours a week. Spring sem.  
BI 208 Post Exilic Books- Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi (2) The 3 post-exilic prohets. This class brings to light the messages these prophets  bring to the people. Haggai is a contemporary of Zechariah. Maggai has the most precisely dated prophecies in all the Bible. We will learn of the message he will bring for the people. Zechariah contains more messianic prophecies than any other book. The study includes his ten virgins, the vanities of the people, and the visitation of the prince. Malachi shares God's love and why he loved Jacob and hated Esau. Meets 2 hours a week.
BI 211 Study of the Gospels I (2) A study of how the Gospels work together to bring a full presentation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Meets 2 hours a week. Fall sem.
BI 212 Study of the Gospels II (2) A continuation of the study of how the Gospels work together to bring a full presentation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Meets 2 hours a week. Spring sem.
BI 216 Pauline Epistles (2) A study of Paul's approach to carnal Christianity- problems of mixing law with faith as a means of salvation, a study of repentance and forgiveness, the Body of Christ and victorious Christian living during adverse circumstances, and much more. Hebrews is a study of the superiority of Christ to all created beings and Old Testament types. Meets 2 hours a week. Fall sem.
BI 224 Old Testament Poetry - Job/ Pslams/ Lamentation (2) A study of three books of petry. Job has been acclaimed as the supreme product of poetic genius in the Old Testament. Psalms is the single most representative book in the entire Old Testament, and in Lamentations we learn of God's judgment upon an unbelieving nation. Meets 2 hours a week.
BI 233 Pentatech (2) A study of the first five books of the Bible known as the Pentateuch. Meets 2 hours a week.
BI 235 I and II Peter (1) An exposition presenting the truth of Christian suffering and the hope we have in the end of the age.  Meets 1 hour a week.
Bi 301 General Epistles James/John (3) A study of James is one of practical Christian living. I, II and II John are studies of how to stand strong in spiritual opposition, considering the validity of one's relationship with Christ and enable ome to detect and guard against false teachers. Meets 2 hours a week.
BI 306 Ezra/ Nehemiah/ Esther (2) A study of the return of a remnant of Jews to Israel and also of their problems in captivity. This study also covers how the Lord brought a remnant back to establish his children in Judah for the coming birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Meets 2 hours a week.
BI 308 Hebrews (2) A study of the book of Hebrews is one most likely written by Paul. in this book  he uses the Old Testament extensively to prove that Jesus is the Christ and the fulfillment of the Old Testament types.
BI 313 Major Prophets i (2) A study of the prophets' writings of the Old Testament from Isaiah through Daniel. Emphasis is placed on historical settings, major themes of each book, and the prophecies concerning the nations. Meets 2 hours a week.  
BI 329 Old Testament History (2) A study of Joshua- Chronicles covering the conquest of the land of Canaan by Israel through the Chronicles, written after the Babylonian captivity. All to encourage Israel with the truth that God ws not through with them. Meets 2 hours a week. . 
BD 101 Bible Doctrines I (2) A study of the Holy Spriting and His position in the Trinity. It will also cover His workings in the hearts of believers. Also a study of man and sin, and a study of angels and demons. These three doctrines are known as penumatology, anthropology and angelology. Meets 2 hours a week. Fall sem.
BD 102 Bible Doctrines II (2) A study of the Holy Spirit and His position in the trinity. It will also be a continuation of Bible Doctrines I. Meets 2 hours a week. Spring sem. 
BD 201 Soteriology (2)  A study of salvation, Calvinism, Armenianism, and their effects on Christianity today. Easy believism and Lordship salvation will also be covered. All these subjects will be exposed in light of Scripture. Meets 2 hours a week. Fall sem.
BD 412 Current and Future Events in Light of Biblical Eschatology I (2) Tracing Luciferian (Satan's) movement through the Bible and history until what is happening in the world today. Then using Bible prophecy (eschatology) as our guide, peeking into the future until the reign of the Anti-Christ and His destruction and setting up God's Kingdom on earth and the last show down with Lucifer (Satan). We will be looking at Masonry, Council on Foreign Relllllations, Iluminati, "Babylonian Mystery Religion" of Kabalah (Zohar), and Zionism. The Old and New Testament prophets will be our guide. How money is used as a tool to bring out this "New World Order". Study of the world's banking families, Rothschild's and 13 prominent families, and others and their connection to the whore reigion that controls them. The committee of 300. The goal at the end of this class is that one can use his knowledge of the Word of God to understand what is happening on the world stage today. The Ishmaelites, Israelitees, Edomites, Moabilites, Amoonites-- and where they are today and in the future. Meets 2 hours a week. Fall  sem. 
BD 215 Doctrine of Ecclesiology (2) A study of the church and its nature, role and functions. Meets 2 hours a week. Spring sem.
BD 311 Baptist History / Polity I (2) A study of the history of the Baptist faith. And a study of church government. Meets 2 hours a week. Fall sem.
BD 312 Baptist History / Polity II (2)  Prereq. BD 311 A study of the history of the Baptist faith. And a study of church government. Meets 2 hours a week. Spring sem.
BD 215 Doctrines of the Church / Holy Spirit (2)  A study of the church and prophecy and a study of the Holy Spirit and His ministry. Meets 2 hours a week.
BD 315 Hermeneutics (2) This course presents the study with the history, principles and methods of biblical interpretation. They will learn how author, text and reader work together as meaning emerges from the text. Meets 2 hours a week.
BD 336 Defense of the Bible (2) A study of textual criticism comparing different English, Greek, and Hebrew texts. Study of ancient manuscripts and the defense of the text behind the K. J. V. Early church fathers’ writings. The inspiration and preservation and canon of Scripture. Answering Modern day critics of the text behind Scripture. Meets 2 hours a week. Fall sem.- not this year.
BD 415 Expounding Homilletilcs (2) A study in the art of preaching. It involves how to prepare and deliver a sermon. Meets two hours a week.

BF 137 Biblical Finances (2) This course deals with personal and church finances. The Bible gives the truth behind being organized with finances. Meets 2 hours a week.

BL 101 Elements of Biblical Greek I (4) This course is a concentrated study of Greek grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. It is designed to acquaint the student with the essentials of New Testament Greek by developing a working knowledge of the form and function of case, tense, voice, and mood. Meets 4 hours a week. Fall sem.
BL 102 Elements of Biblical Greek II (4) Prereq. BL 101 This course is a further study of Greek grammar, vocabulary, and Syntax, including participles, infinitives, and the various moods of New Testament Greek. Special emphasis is placed on accuracy in translation of specific passages. Meets 4 hours a week. Spring sem.
BL 201 Greek Syntax (4) The arrangement of and relationship among words, phrases, and clauses forming sentences, and sentence structure. Meets 4 hours a week. Fall sem.
BL202 Greek Exegesis (4) Exegesis of selected New Testament books. Meets 4 hours a week. Spring sem.
BL 301 Elements of Hebrew (4) A beginning analysis of elementary Hebrew including the alphabet, vowels, nouns, adjectives, and other parts of speech. The student focuses on learning the strong verb system and basic vocabualry while translating passages from the book of Genesis. Meets 4 hours a week. Fall sem. 
BL 302 Hebrew Syntax (4)  A continuation of vocabulaary, grammar, and syntax. The student learns characteristics of the wek verb system and translates portions of the book of Ruth. Meets 4 hours a week. Spring sem.

CP 327 Church Planing (2) This course will go through the Bible and teach what is necessary to plant churches on the mission field and in the United States. Meets 2 hours a week.

CS 101 Computer/Digital Bible Study (2) Equipping students with the power tools of Bible study; word processing; digital commentaries, dictionaries, Greek, Hebrew; word search and to be better able to exegete Scripture and enable them to locate Biblical places digitally.  Meets 2 hours a week.
EN 101 English Grammar I (2)  A review of grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and spelling as well as diagramming to be able to exegete Scripture. This will be accomplished analyzing Scripture and using Bible verses to teach grammar rules. Meets 2 hours a week. Fall sem.
EN 102 English Grammar II (2)  Prereq. EN101 Continuation of fall semester.   Meets 2 hours a week. Spring sem.
EN 211 (2) English Writing/ Composition I (2)  A study of composition and writing. Meets 2 hours a week. Fall sem.
EN 212 English Writing/ Composition II (2) Prereq. EN 211 A continuation of the study of composition and writing.  Meets 2 hours a week. Spring sem.

EV 147 Evangelism (2) A study of the preaching of the Christian gospel and how to revive the local church in the Word of God. Meets 2 hours a week. Spring sem.

FL 337 Light Sport Airplane Ground School Class (2) This class presents the beginning study of flight, including, aerodynamics, air frame, engine systems, basic flight instruments, Feveral Aviation Regulation, airplane and pilot performance, flight operations and weather as it pertains to light sport aircraft. The class prepares a student for the FAA examination for Light Sport Pilot Airplane Rating. Fall sem. 

HI 212 History of the Church (2) A survey of church history from the time of Christ until the present day. Meets 2 hours a week. Spring sem.
HI 339 World Religions (2) An overview study of all the major religions and their writings—,Jewish Talmud, Islam, Islamic Koran, Hadith and many modern day religions such as; Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons, etc.   Meets 2 hours a week. Spring sem.
PS 101 Biblical Principles for Pastoring (1) To prepare young men for the role of being a pastor. Nuts and bolts of the ministry. Meets 1 hour a week.  Fall sem.
PS 102 Biblical Principles for Pastoring (1) Prereq/ PP 101 Continuation of PP 101. Meets 1 hour a week.  Spring sem.
PS 201 Pastoral Studies I (1) Considers the problems, responsibilities of pastor and church. Teaches the best methods for directing the church in each area of administration. Meets 2 hours a week. Fall sem.
PS 202 Pastoral Studies II (1) A continuation of Pastoral studies. Meets 2 hours a week. Spring sem.
PS 311 Nouthetic Counseling I (2) Counseling that comes from the Word of God and truths therein. This course is designed to start a pastor on the path of being able to counsel those who come to him with spiritual needs. Meets 2 hours a week. Fall sem.
PS 312 Nouthetic Counseling II (2) A continulation of counseling techniques and Scripture in volved in meeting problems people face. Meets 2 hours a week. Spring sem.

PH 314 Ethics/Apologetics (2) A study of ethics as it relates to the Christian life. Meets 2 hours a week

SI 326 Science in the Bible (2) Can we learn science from the Bible? In this class we will examine science from a Biblical perspective. The world claims one thing, but the Bible brings out the truth. Meets 2 hours a week. Fall sem. 

SC 101 Secretarial Training Class (1) This course covers the practical aspects of being a church secretary. It also covers the character qualities necessary for this ministry.

SP 135 (2) Public speaking, selecting and developing ideas, organizing subjective, objective, and other techniques to reach the audience. It will also cover story telling. Meets 2 hours a week.
Study to show thyself approved
unto God, a workman that needeth
not to be ashamed, rightly dividing
the Word of Truth. 
II Timothy 2:15
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