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THE BIBLE -- OUR STANDARD FOR LIFE and OUR SURE FOUNDATION! We use the King James Bible and praise the Lord that He has preserved His Word for us! Please listen to the Bible audio messages to learn more.

PASTOR THOMAS STOUT Th. D. and WIFE-- Our Senior Pastor. Please check out his page.

PASTOR MICHAEL SHINABERY and family. -- Pastor Shinabery is our family pastor and youth pastor. He studied at Pensacola Christian College and Seminary. He is currently working on his doctorate online from there.

PASTOR FRANK OWEN AND WIFE -- is our Minister of Education. He is the head of Volinia Baptist College of the Bible.
PASTOR GARVEL OWENS is our newest addition to our Pastoral staff. He is our Outreach Pastor. His goal in particular is to reach out to children in our surrounding communities and to build into their families to help them become families strongly rooted in the Lord Jesus Chirst.