Volinia Baptist Church
19526 Marcellus Hwy
Decatur, MI  49045

  • Church : 269-646-8050
  • Pastor Stout’s home : 269-646-2504
  • Pastor Stout’s cell : 269-462-0366 
  • Associate Pastor Shinabery: 269-718-8496
  • Pastor Frank Owen - Minister of Education 816-820-7610

The church is located about one mile east of Decatur Rd. on Marcellus Hwy.

  • 8 miles East of Dowagiac
  • 8 miles South of Decatur
  • 8 miles North of Cassopolis
  • 8 miles West of Marcellus
  • Off I-94
    Take Decatur Exit South on M-51 to Decatur. (approx. 6 mi.)
    In Decatur turn left (south) at the Marathon Gasoline Station onto S. Williams.
    This road becomes Cass/Decatur Road. Go approx. 8 miles to the blinking stop light.
    Turn left (east) onto Marcellus Hwy.
    Volinia Baptist Church is approx. 1 1/2 mile on the left side of the road. The driveway is  at the left curve sign. There is a welcome banner at the driveway.
    Off US 131
    In Kalamazoo, turn west onto I-94 and proceed with the instructions above.
    If south of Kalamazoo, you may take M-216 west (located between Three Rivers, MI, and Schoolcraft, MI)
    You will pass through Marcellus, where the name of the road will change to Marcellus Hwy.
    Proceed approx. 8 1/2 miles to Volinia Baptist Church, which is located on the right side of the road. The driveway is immediately following the church building as you proceed around the curve. You will see a welcome banner at the driveway.